Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 19 - Nice Catch!

I overdid Photoshop again.  I guess I need to spend a week on Photoshop as a craft.

Lately I've been all about fish décor.  I saw the below item on Etsy and had one of those thoughts "I could make that!"
STEP ONE: Rummage through all your scrap fabrics.  I pulled out any that were in the blue family and were big/wide enough for a fish to be cut from.
STEP TWO: Cut out your fish.  I didn't make a pattern, so no two fish are exactly alike.  If I were to do it over again, I would probably make a pattern with better fins and make the fish smaller.
STEP THREE: Iron your fishies.  Might as well do it right, right?

STEP FOUR: Pin your fish wrong-sides together.  Now it is time to sew!  Go to your craft room... what? You don't have a craft room either?  Then pull out your sewing machine from your guestroom closet and set it up at the kitchen table while wishing you had that all cool craft room you see on Pinterest all the time.
STEP FIVE: Sew most of the way around the fish, totally skipping the fins, and just before you make it all the way around stuff a little cotton fiberfill stuffing in your fishies body, just a little though.  Then sew the rest of the way to close 'em up.  (Reed wanted to make sure the fish were ok so he put on Angry Bird Band-Aid on one).
STEP SIX: Add button eyes.  If you are a craft hoarder like me you probably have a collection of buttons somewhere.  I picked mostly white buttons that have the four holes so that I could sew an X in the eye like a dead fish (eewwww!!!)

STEP SEVEN: I used some Jute cord to string my catch up on my driftwood.

STEP EIGHT: Hang.  I still haven't done this part.  I want to buy some of that Command Tape and hang it in my Livingroom.

I like them!
I love them!
They are funny and cute!
I'll update the blog once I hang them so you can see how they look on the wall.

Love ya!
Momma Lady Beetle



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