Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 14 - Homemade Crayons and Carrot Berries

We made Easter bunny head crayons!  I bought the bunny head silicon mold at Joann's a few weeks back, but didn't make time until we were actually celebrating Easter with the kids.  It actually worked out great because it gave us all a craft to work on together!  Chase researched the HOW TO steps and Blake helped me peel the wrappers off each crayon (an Exacto knife is your best friend for this task, just slice down the crayon wrapper and peel).
All the boys helped me break the crayons in pieces and group the colors.  We made red, orange, blue, purple, green, brown, yellow, and then a special crayon for me, Chase, and Blake.
Then we placed our crayon filled silicon mold in to the oven at 250 for 15 minutes.
The boys sat and watched as the crayons melted down.  Blake kept squealing as they melted down, he thought it was the neatest thing! 
Once they've melted down, take them out to cool on the counter for 10 minutes or so.  As you take them out of the oven, work S L OW L Y so you don't spill the melted wax or have them run in to the next color.
Once cooled, pop the crayons out of the silicon mold and let them cool a little more.. or just start coloring like Reed did (he colored our TV screen.  Ergh.) 
Another project we worked on while our crayons were melting - Carrot Strawberries!!
Only we are trying to be healthier so we wanted to try yogurt dipped strawberries instead of chocolate dipped strawberries.  The first thing we did was mix orange food coloring in with the white French vanilla yogurt.  Then we washed all the berries and patted them dry.

Then dip, dip, dip.  We ate up all the strawberries that night.  If I were to do it all over again I would use a thicker yogurt, like Greek yogurt (or I would actually do white chocolate!).
Other projects I've been playing with the last two weeks: t-shirt sleeve headband, t-shirt scarf, and resurrection bread.

I used the sleeves I cut off of the white Run or Dye t-shirt I refashioned just before my camping trip to make a headband.  I used other scraps of t-shirt and cut out flower petals, and leaves, and a flower center.  During the camping trip I hand sewed the project together...
 ...and wore it to hide my greasy hair!
I also worked on a t-shirt scarf.  If you read back through the projects I've worked on, in Week 9 was a refashion I tried and it looked really horrible on me.  Well, I couldn't figure out how I could possibly save the shirt, so I decided to "scrap" it and make it in to a scarf instead!  Here is a picture of my inspiration:
... and this one too...
...and of course this was my ultimate goal...
but... I looked ridiculous in it.  If I wrapped it, it was short like a necklace, but if I didn't wrap it then it was too long and looked silly.  I think the "shirt" is just doomed.  Maybe if I can find the rest of this outfit I can pull it off...
Then the resurrection rolls.  My friend and her 3-year-old son came over for preEaster Saturday.  We took the kids to the fairgrounds where a helicopter dropped 60-80,000 candy filled plastic eggs on to the field for the kids to go out and collect.  It was pretty neat to see.  Afterwards we went back to my house to make resurrection rolls.  I've never made them before, but my friend knew what to do.  We gave each of the boys a marshmallow and told them it represented Jesus.  The boys placed their marshmallow Jesus in some melted butter and then in sugar.  The melted butter represented the oils and the sugar represented the spices.  They each placed their marshmallow Jesus in a crescent roll (or linens) and rolled up Jesus.  He was then placed in the oven (or tomb).  We waited and then checked the "tomb" and opened the linen and Jesus was gone!  He has risen!  Reed asked "Where did marshmallow Jesus go?"
It's been a busy week as well as a craft filled week, I love it!  This weekend I want to try my hands at hemming my own pants.  I bought these super cool linen pants with a yoga pant top, but of course they are too long for me.  I've never really hemmed before, so wish me luck!  I hope I'll have time for something else, but I've really been pushing it the last few weeks and I'm starting to wear myself out.
As always, leave a comment, give me some feedback, share the crafts you are working on, I just love hearing from you all! 
Lady Beetle

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 13 - Easter Craft + Camping

My goal this week was Easter, but we were also going camping for 4 days too.  Simple, do an Easter craft while camping!  This was my inspiration and guide:
Can you guess where I found this?  Pinterest!  I should call this challenge "52 weeks of Pinterest".  LOL!  Anyway, I grabbed a huge handful of Q-tips, a few sheets of white paper, my Elmer's glue, a black and a pink pen, and some scissors.  The one thing I didn't have was anything for the legs.  I figured we could find some little sticks or something.
The second day of our camping trip I pulled out the crafts.  Reed helped hold each Q-tip while I cut them in half, he was a HUGE help.  My friend Donna's daughter Bailey and her friend Zhar joined the crafting and helped cut lamb body and head shapes.  We popped the glue (and I popped a tasty beverage) and we started gluing on the Q-tips.
Shown above are all three of the lambs we made that day: Reed's (far left), Zhar's (middle) and Bailey's (right).  Below is Reed posing with his lamb and saying "Cheese".  We cut the tips off each end of a Q-tip for the legs.
On the ride home from the camp site Chase noticed how cute Reed's lamb was.  When he found out I was going to make one of my own, he wanted to make one too.
And of course Blaker's then wanted to make one.
Reed made one with us and I was able to make mine too.
Reed's second lamb, the one I didn't help him with is on the left and mine is on the right.  Now I just need to figure out what to do with them: hang them on the wall, make a little scenery for them and prop them up inside.  I want to display our work!
This was the only Easter themed project I made this week, but it's not the only project I finished.  Before we left for camping I wanted to finish one of my t-shirt refashion projects.  This is the idea I found:
I used one of the two t-shirts from the Run or Dye, the bigger one, size Large I think.  The only difference I did was use some Tarn for the gathering and straps.
I want to get a wide satin ribbon instead and thread it through, like so:
Okie-dokie, that wraps up Week 13.  Week 14 is almost over and I've finished two projects already: one during camping and one when I got back.  Our camping trip extended the end of one week to the beginning of the next (Week 14).  I'll post my pictures on Sunday.  Have a Happy Easter!!

Lady Beetle

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 12 - Window Treatment

Curtains.  I've never done curtains before.  I have no idea what I am doing and how this is going to look, but I need to hide the ugly little window in my bathroom.  Plus, if you are sitting on the toilet with the window open behind you, someone can actually walk right up to the window outside and say, "Hello".  It's creepy.  It needs a curtain.
So.  On Wednesday I took Chase and Blake with me to JOANN's.  We were in a bit of a rush, only had a limited time for my errands.  We found the foam board and of course lots of other goodies, but we did NOT find any good fabric.  Nothing drew my attention.  So I left with my foam board and fully expected to go back by myself on Saturday.
That didn't happen.  I fully expected to go on Sunday.
That didn't happen.
I went on Monday after work!  Ahhhhh!!!  But as soon as I walked in I saw this gorgeous striped fabric in a section they had for Beach d├ęcor.  It's an expensive outdoor fabric, but I only needed a little bit for my foam valence.  Next I found this shiny thin fabric that made me think of a shiny sea shell.  I liked it because I pictured the sunlight coming through, but not someone's face.  SOLD!  I also found a few star fish!  SCORE!
First things first, let's iron!  CRAP.  I ruined the fabric.  It had some melty-like threads in it.  I ruined the cool expensive fabric.  Can I make it work?  Does it look a little artsy?  Maybe like waves?  Hmm... I'm going for it!  I stopped ironing and started gluing.
Stupid, stupid.  Stripes?  Why did I buy stripes?  Every little tug and pull needs to be practically perfect otherwise this is going to look more terrible-er.  Ugh.
What the...
Ok, strategically glue on the starfish....
Hmm.  I actually really like it!  Standing back and looking, it almost looks as though the fabric isn't on a board and is just hanging.  Looking at a different angle I still see the artsy wave-like appearance I was picturing after I ruined the fabric with the iron.  I LOVE IT! 
Now I just need to work on the shiny curtain part.  I ironed it and it didn't melt.  YAY!  But I need to spend more time on it.  I was thinking EASY and was going to do one straight flat sheet coming down.  Chase thinks I should slice it up the middle like a normal curtain.  Here are sample ideas of what we each like (Hubby doesn't care, I think he is wondering how much I'm spending). Which curtain do you like?
I hate to extend this window project out one more week, but I just didn't have time for both last night.  Maybe I'll have time between dinner, homework, and bedtime tonight...

Next week I need to focus on Easter.  Here are some ideas I have:
Reed loves marshmallows, but I hate Peeps, so I thought about making the marshmallow pops shown above .  I also am all about lambs this year instead of bunnies: I want to make the Q-tip lambs, and the handprint lambs.  I wonder if those could be camping crafts for this weekend?

Leave me a message, a note of encouragement, a vote on the curtains.  I would love to hear from you, see your crafts!  Take care, have a blessed day!
Love, Lady Beetle

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 11 - Ocean Theme Bathroom

This week my craft challenge was to make stuff for my bathroom.  My theme is "Ocean".  I have random blue towels and random brown towels.  I have some TOFTBO Bathmats from IKEA in a sand color ( too.  When we moved in my Dad installed 3 decorative shelves (the long one has already been removed in the photo below.  I think after a year of kids and guests the shelves have served their purpose and it's time for them to come down.  Here is a shot of one of the walls before:
So this doesn't exactly count as a craft, but I've been eyeballing this print from Personal for some time now.  It's apparently one of their most popular: the heart in the sand with your names.  I debated with "MIKE + JENNI" or "JENNI + MIKE" (that's where the crafting came in).  I decided "MIKE + JENNI" was the way to go.  It was delivered a full week before it was due (and not broken this time, this was my replacement order) so I had it up on the wall Monday night.
Already the bathroom looks a lot better!  On Wednesday morning I was perusing the Michael's website and found the "Burlap Panel Floral Framed Letter" decoupage project:,default,pd.html?cgid=projects-homedecor.  I went to the store so fast to make it that I didn't even print the materials list or anything. I had to bug the manager at the store to find the project online to know what I needed.  I bought a 3-pack of burlap canvas, 2 frames, a wooden "M", MOD PODGE, and 4 sheets of scrapbook paper.  I also bought sea shells and some adhesive for another project.
Ok, I don't think I've done decoupage since grade school.  I didn't remember how FUN it is!  First I ripped my papers in to strips.  Then I ripped those stripes in to little squares.  Reading the MOD PODGE instructions, I dipped my brush in the PODGE (heeheehee) and brushed it on the section of the "M" I was starting on.  Then I brushed the PODGE on the back of the paper piece, placed it on my "M", and used more PODGE on top of it brushing it until it formed to the wood.  COOL!
I alternated between the papers: blue waves, sand, blue and brown stripes, shells.  Eventually I stopped caring as much and just went for it.
Here is my finished "M".
I took the glass out of my frame and used my burlap canvas instead of the backing that came with the frame.  I glued the burlap canvas to the back of the frame - an alternative could be to find a frame big enough for the canvas to sit right inside, I thought I had, but I looked at the label wrong.  Then I glued my "M" in place and let it sit overnight.
I used those neat Command Picture Hanging Strips to hang it on the wall.  I love those things!

UPDATE!  I Added a Shell Lobster!  I think he is a nice touch of whimsy.  Check out how Reed and I hacked in to the steps to make him here:
Now for my next project!  I didn't take pictures of me gluing the shells on to the burlap canvas, but I placed them in the shape of a heart.  I bought a bag-o-shells at Michael's and sorted them out and selected the prettiest ones that weren't all chipped up.  Reed kept trying to steal them so I had to hide them as I sorted through the pile.  I gave him all the broken ones.  Hubby told me I should next make a skull shaped collage of shells for the boys bathroom.  Hmmm... a pirate themed bathroom?  That sounds fun! 

I framed it the same way as my "M" and let it dry overnight.  Then I hung it the same way as my "M" too.
Now my bathroom has 3 pieces of art on the walls!  I added a vase with yellow roses Hubby cut from the garden.  You can see I also added a rectangle wire basket I bought from Michael's too.  I hung it under the Personal Creations print.  It has two glass holders and I put toothpaste stuff in one side and our soap in the other.  I like it!
I didn't make this, Momimi did, but I want to give it a shout out because I love it and it's in my bathroom too.  It's an old shutter painted up and turned in to a magazine rack!
This week I am stumped for a project idea.  Friday a friend and I are going to watch Noah.  On Saturday I am doing a 5K to raise money for the special needs classes at my church.  Sunday there is an evening concert at church.  Next weekend we are going camping.  No ideas are coming to me.  Hmm... I just walked around the house a bit and did some straightening up.  I think I might tackle some small curtains for the bathroom I just worked on.  I thought I could use a coordinating fabric for some wall art for the connecting guest room.  Here is my inspiration, but I would use different colors of course:

As always I invite you to play along and make these crafts (or your own) with me.  I would also love pictures of what you are working on or some comments (from the peanut gallery is welcome too).  I adjusted the settings on here so you shouldn't need to log in or sign up to leave me a comment.  Cheers everyone!  Have a great day!
~Momma Lady Beetle