Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 14 - Homemade Crayons and Carrot Berries

We made Easter bunny head crayons!  I bought the bunny head silicon mold at Joann's a few weeks back, but didn't make time until we were actually celebrating Easter with the kids.  It actually worked out great because it gave us all a craft to work on together!  Chase researched the HOW TO steps and Blake helped me peel the wrappers off each crayon (an Exacto knife is your best friend for this task, just slice down the crayon wrapper and peel).
All the boys helped me break the crayons in pieces and group the colors.  We made red, orange, blue, purple, green, brown, yellow, and then a special crayon for me, Chase, and Blake.
Then we placed our crayon filled silicon mold in to the oven at 250 for 15 minutes.
The boys sat and watched as the crayons melted down.  Blake kept squealing as they melted down, he thought it was the neatest thing! 
Once they've melted down, take them out to cool on the counter for 10 minutes or so.  As you take them out of the oven, work S L OW L Y so you don't spill the melted wax or have them run in to the next color.
Once cooled, pop the crayons out of the silicon mold and let them cool a little more.. or just start coloring like Reed did (he colored our TV screen.  Ergh.) 
Another project we worked on while our crayons were melting - Carrot Strawberries!!
Only we are trying to be healthier so we wanted to try yogurt dipped strawberries instead of chocolate dipped strawberries.  The first thing we did was mix orange food coloring in with the white French vanilla yogurt.  Then we washed all the berries and patted them dry.

Then dip, dip, dip.  We ate up all the strawberries that night.  If I were to do it all over again I would use a thicker yogurt, like Greek yogurt (or I would actually do white chocolate!).
Other projects I've been playing with the last two weeks: t-shirt sleeve headband, t-shirt scarf, and resurrection bread.

I used the sleeves I cut off of the white Run or Dye t-shirt I refashioned just before my camping trip to make a headband.  I used other scraps of t-shirt and cut out flower petals, and leaves, and a flower center.  During the camping trip I hand sewed the project together...
 ...and wore it to hide my greasy hair!
I also worked on a t-shirt scarf.  If you read back through the projects I've worked on, in Week 9 was a refashion I tried and it looked really horrible on me.  Well, I couldn't figure out how I could possibly save the shirt, so I decided to "scrap" it and make it in to a scarf instead!  Here is a picture of my inspiration:
... and this one too...
...and of course this was my ultimate goal...
but... I looked ridiculous in it.  If I wrapped it, it was short like a necklace, but if I didn't wrap it then it was too long and looked silly.  I think the "shirt" is just doomed.  Maybe if I can find the rest of this outfit I can pull it off...
Then the resurrection rolls.  My friend and her 3-year-old son came over for preEaster Saturday.  We took the kids to the fairgrounds where a helicopter dropped 60-80,000 candy filled plastic eggs on to the field for the kids to go out and collect.  It was pretty neat to see.  Afterwards we went back to my house to make resurrection rolls.  I've never made them before, but my friend knew what to do.  We gave each of the boys a marshmallow and told them it represented Jesus.  The boys placed their marshmallow Jesus in some melted butter and then in sugar.  The melted butter represented the oils and the sugar represented the spices.  They each placed their marshmallow Jesus in a crescent roll (or linens) and rolled up Jesus.  He was then placed in the oven (or tomb).  We waited and then checked the "tomb" and opened the linen and Jesus was gone!  He has risen!  Reed asked "Where did marshmallow Jesus go?"
It's been a busy week as well as a craft filled week, I love it!  This weekend I want to try my hands at hemming my own pants.  I bought these super cool linen pants with a yoga pant top, but of course they are too long for me.  I've never really hemmed before, so wish me luck!  I hope I'll have time for something else, but I've really been pushing it the last few weeks and I'm starting to wear myself out.
As always, leave a comment, give me some feedback, share the crafts you are working on, I just love hearing from you all! 
Lady Beetle

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