Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 12 - Window Treatment

Curtains.  I've never done curtains before.  I have no idea what I am doing and how this is going to look, but I need to hide the ugly little window in my bathroom.  Plus, if you are sitting on the toilet with the window open behind you, someone can actually walk right up to the window outside and say, "Hello".  It's creepy.  It needs a curtain.
So.  On Wednesday I took Chase and Blake with me to JOANN's.  We were in a bit of a rush, only had a limited time for my errands.  We found the foam board and of course lots of other goodies, but we did NOT find any good fabric.  Nothing drew my attention.  So I left with my foam board and fully expected to go back by myself on Saturday.
That didn't happen.  I fully expected to go on Sunday.
That didn't happen.
I went on Monday after work!  Ahhhhh!!!  But as soon as I walked in I saw this gorgeous striped fabric in a section they had for Beach décor.  It's an expensive outdoor fabric, but I only needed a little bit for my foam valence.  Next I found this shiny thin fabric that made me think of a shiny sea shell.  I liked it because I pictured the sunlight coming through, but not someone's face.  SOLD!  I also found a few star fish!  SCORE!
First things first, let's iron!  CRAP.  I ruined the fabric.  It had some melty-like threads in it.  I ruined the cool expensive fabric.  Can I make it work?  Does it look a little artsy?  Maybe like waves?  Hmm... I'm going for it!  I stopped ironing and started gluing.
Stupid, stupid.  Stripes?  Why did I buy stripes?  Every little tug and pull needs to be practically perfect otherwise this is going to look more terrible-er.  Ugh.
What the...
Ok, strategically glue on the starfish....
Hmm.  I actually really like it!  Standing back and looking, it almost looks as though the fabric isn't on a board and is just hanging.  Looking at a different angle I still see the artsy wave-like appearance I was picturing after I ruined the fabric with the iron.  I LOVE IT! 
Now I just need to work on the shiny curtain part.  I ironed it and it didn't melt.  YAY!  But I need to spend more time on it.  I was thinking EASY and was going to do one straight flat sheet coming down.  Chase thinks I should slice it up the middle like a normal curtain.  Here are sample ideas of what we each like (Hubby doesn't care, I think he is wondering how much I'm spending). Which curtain do you like?
I hate to extend this window project out one more week, but I just didn't have time for both last night.  Maybe I'll have time between dinner, homework, and bedtime tonight...

Next week I need to focus on Easter.  Here are some ideas I have:
Reed loves marshmallows, but I hate Peeps, so I thought about making the marshmallow pops shown above .  I also am all about lambs this year instead of bunnies: I want to make the Q-tip lambs, and the handprint lambs.  I wonder if those could be camping crafts for this weekend?

Leave me a message, a note of encouragement, a vote on the curtains.  I would love to hear from you, see your crafts!  Take care, have a blessed day!
Love, Lady Beetle

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  1. I like your choice for curtains since the window is so small