Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 11 - Ocean Theme Bathroom

This week my craft challenge was to make stuff for my bathroom.  My theme is "Ocean".  I have random blue towels and random brown towels.  I have some TOFTBO Bathmats from IKEA in a sand color ( too.  When we moved in my Dad installed 3 decorative shelves (the long one has already been removed in the photo below.  I think after a year of kids and guests the shelves have served their purpose and it's time for them to come down.  Here is a shot of one of the walls before:
So this doesn't exactly count as a craft, but I've been eyeballing this print from Personal for some time now.  It's apparently one of their most popular: the heart in the sand with your names.  I debated with "MIKE + JENNI" or "JENNI + MIKE" (that's where the crafting came in).  I decided "MIKE + JENNI" was the way to go.  It was delivered a full week before it was due (and not broken this time, this was my replacement order) so I had it up on the wall Monday night.
Already the bathroom looks a lot better!  On Wednesday morning I was perusing the Michael's website and found the "Burlap Panel Floral Framed Letter" decoupage project:,default,pd.html?cgid=projects-homedecor.  I went to the store so fast to make it that I didn't even print the materials list or anything. I had to bug the manager at the store to find the project online to know what I needed.  I bought a 3-pack of burlap canvas, 2 frames, a wooden "M", MOD PODGE, and 4 sheets of scrapbook paper.  I also bought sea shells and some adhesive for another project.
Ok, I don't think I've done decoupage since grade school.  I didn't remember how FUN it is!  First I ripped my papers in to strips.  Then I ripped those stripes in to little squares.  Reading the MOD PODGE instructions, I dipped my brush in the PODGE (heeheehee) and brushed it on the section of the "M" I was starting on.  Then I brushed the PODGE on the back of the paper piece, placed it on my "M", and used more PODGE on top of it brushing it until it formed to the wood.  COOL!
I alternated between the papers: blue waves, sand, blue and brown stripes, shells.  Eventually I stopped caring as much and just went for it.
Here is my finished "M".
I took the glass out of my frame and used my burlap canvas instead of the backing that came with the frame.  I glued the burlap canvas to the back of the frame - an alternative could be to find a frame big enough for the canvas to sit right inside, I thought I had, but I looked at the label wrong.  Then I glued my "M" in place and let it sit overnight.
I used those neat Command Picture Hanging Strips to hang it on the wall.  I love those things!

UPDATE!  I Added a Shell Lobster!  I think he is a nice touch of whimsy.  Check out how Reed and I hacked in to the steps to make him here:
Now for my next project!  I didn't take pictures of me gluing the shells on to the burlap canvas, but I placed them in the shape of a heart.  I bought a bag-o-shells at Michael's and sorted them out and selected the prettiest ones that weren't all chipped up.  Reed kept trying to steal them so I had to hide them as I sorted through the pile.  I gave him all the broken ones.  Hubby told me I should next make a skull shaped collage of shells for the boys bathroom.  Hmmm... a pirate themed bathroom?  That sounds fun! 

I framed it the same way as my "M" and let it dry overnight.  Then I hung it the same way as my "M" too.
Now my bathroom has 3 pieces of art on the walls!  I added a vase with yellow roses Hubby cut from the garden.  You can see I also added a rectangle wire basket I bought from Michael's too.  I hung it under the Personal Creations print.  It has two glass holders and I put toothpaste stuff in one side and our soap in the other.  I like it!
I didn't make this, Momimi did, but I want to give it a shout out because I love it and it's in my bathroom too.  It's an old shutter painted up and turned in to a magazine rack!
This week I am stumped for a project idea.  Friday a friend and I are going to watch Noah.  On Saturday I am doing a 5K to raise money for the special needs classes at my church.  Sunday there is an evening concert at church.  Next weekend we are going camping.  No ideas are coming to me.  Hmm... I just walked around the house a bit and did some straightening up.  I think I might tackle some small curtains for the bathroom I just worked on.  I thought I could use a coordinating fabric for some wall art for the connecting guest room.  Here is my inspiration, but I would use different colors of course:

As always I invite you to play along and make these crafts (or your own) with me.  I would also love pictures of what you are working on or some comments (from the peanut gallery is welcome too).  I adjusted the settings on here so you shouldn't need to log in or sign up to leave me a comment.  Cheers everyone!  Have a great day!
~Momma Lady Beetle

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