Friday, April 18, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 13 - Easter Craft + Camping

My goal this week was Easter, but we were also going camping for 4 days too.  Simple, do an Easter craft while camping!  This was my inspiration and guide:
Can you guess where I found this?  Pinterest!  I should call this challenge "52 weeks of Pinterest".  LOL!  Anyway, I grabbed a huge handful of Q-tips, a few sheets of white paper, my Elmer's glue, a black and a pink pen, and some scissors.  The one thing I didn't have was anything for the legs.  I figured we could find some little sticks or something.
The second day of our camping trip I pulled out the crafts.  Reed helped hold each Q-tip while I cut them in half, he was a HUGE help.  My friend Donna's daughter Bailey and her friend Zhar joined the crafting and helped cut lamb body and head shapes.  We popped the glue (and I popped a tasty beverage) and we started gluing on the Q-tips.
Shown above are all three of the lambs we made that day: Reed's (far left), Zhar's (middle) and Bailey's (right).  Below is Reed posing with his lamb and saying "Cheese".  We cut the tips off each end of a Q-tip for the legs.
On the ride home from the camp site Chase noticed how cute Reed's lamb was.  When he found out I was going to make one of my own, he wanted to make one too.
And of course Blaker's then wanted to make one.
Reed made one with us and I was able to make mine too.
Reed's second lamb, the one I didn't help him with is on the left and mine is on the right.  Now I just need to figure out what to do with them: hang them on the wall, make a little scenery for them and prop them up inside.  I want to display our work!
This was the only Easter themed project I made this week, but it's not the only project I finished.  Before we left for camping I wanted to finish one of my t-shirt refashion projects.  This is the idea I found:
I used one of the two t-shirts from the Run or Dye, the bigger one, size Large I think.  The only difference I did was use some Tarn for the gathering and straps.
I want to get a wide satin ribbon instead and thread it through, like so:
Okie-dokie, that wraps up Week 13.  Week 14 is almost over and I've finished two projects already: one during camping and one when I got back.  Our camping trip extended the end of one week to the beginning of the next (Week 14).  I'll post my pictures on Sunday.  Have a Happy Easter!!

Lady Beetle

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