Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 24 - Refashion a Refashion

Ugh.  I hate when I have nothing to wear.  I never have anything to wear to work, to workout, to go out, not even to hang out.  Ugh.

I guess that's why I have an obsession with clothing refashions.  I keep hoping that I'll be able to make something I currently have in to something cool that I actually like wearing.

So it was one of those moments where I was getting frustrated with my closet because nothing was cool.  Then I found this "cardigan" in my closet.  It was one of my DIY Cardigan's from one of my first crafts.
So really it was my favorite Vintage Old Navy T-Shirt that I cut open to make a cardigan to wear over... what?  I barely ever wore it.  I wore it more when it was a T-Shirt.
So, with those thoughts I went downstairs and sewed the shirt back together.

Now I have my favorite shirt back... with a seam going straight up the front.  Now what?

Well since that won't work... cut off the sleeves, slice off the top neck... Hmmm.  TARN!
I braided two strands of white and one red together and hand sewed them to the collar of my "new" shirt.
The shirt was a V-neck and now that it had a seam up the front, the V needed to go in the back to look somewhat normal.  I sewed the braid on so that the two ends would meet at the V in the back.
It turned out pretty neat and I like it, but because of all the alterations (let's not blame the extra pounds I've put on) it is a bit tight.  After all that, it is still not a staple in my wardrobe.

Back to the drawing board.

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