Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 16 - Fabric & Foam Decor

We did a lot of crafty things during Week 16 of my (our) challenge.  Chase said he wants to do the same project I do each week, it will be almost like I am teaching a craft class... oh joy.  Just kidding, but I knew he was saying that and wouldn't make the time, silly pre-teens.
Anyway, this week was also National Don't Use Electronics, or something like that.  On Monday Hubby took the kids to the park to throw around the baseball.  On Tuesday I played board games with the kids.  On Wednesday night we planted a garden!  That's crafty!  Right?  The day prior Reed told his daddy that we wanted to plant flowers and Chase said we needed a garden.  So Hubby went and bought a tomato plant, a bell pepper plant, a basil and strawberry plant as well as some flowers for Reed to plant.

On Thursday night it was just me and Reed so we hacked in to some lobsters!!
Ok, not really.  We painted sea shells red and it just looks like the poor dears are bleeding to death.  As I was cleaning up after painting the shells blood red, Reed decided to open the gold glitter and spill it out on the hardwood floor.  Ergh.  So I cleaned up what I could and then sprinkled some on the wet paint (turned out pretty cute actually).  Then we used some thick floral wire and wrapped red yarn around it (because Momma didn't have pipe cleaners) and we hot glued one end inside the body and one end to the claws.  The last step - Googly Eyes!!

UPDATE!!  I finally got those red pipe cleaners and added legs to my Shell Lobster.  Then I glued him to a framed decoupage monogramed "M" piece I made a few weeks back.  Check out how I made the "M" here:
On Friday, Reed and I ironed our fabric squares to cover our 12x12 foam boards to make some wall décor.  Reed bravely held my arm and helped me move the iron around the fabric to get all the creases out.
 Then we cut the fabric to size.  I think I cut them to 16x16 to cover the front (12x12) each 1" side, and have enough room to glue to the back.
I wrapped the foam board with the fabric and, using the glue gun, glued the fabric in place.  I did this to four foam boards, all different fabrics.
Not great photos AT ALL, too blurry.  I knew before I hung them they would need something more, but here they are.  Maybe I should glue a bud vase on the bottom right square and put a flower in it?

Maybe something like this... This idea is advertised on  I was thinking just one bud vase with one flower.
Or this idea with branches from my garden or from a hike down by the river.  Then I can make some sweet paper flowers too!
Or maybe I could make this bunch of faux flowers and glue them on.

I've shown this next picture before, it's another option, to put a monogram (I'm obsessed with monograms), or spell out something as a welcome since this is hanging on the wall right next to my front door.
For Craft Week 17 I spent a lot of time helping Chase with a project for school, gluing and re-gluing and making paper streamers for a float on a skateboard he had to make about Georgia.  We also spent a good time collecting bugs for Reed's new pet lizard Larry.  Hubby and Reed found him on a hike down by the river and brought him home... oh joy.  Larry is a blue bellied lizard.  He is actually pretty cute, but... why do we have him in our home?

So this I have some ideas for tomorrow night and Saturday to get a craft done.  On Saturday is my 8th 29th Birthday, so who knows what I'll actually be able to make (I have a couple t-shirt refashions I want to make, but I've done this style already so I won't count them as my Craft A Week Craft).  On Sunday morning we are all getting up SUPER early and going to Bolinas CA to collect sea shells and shark teeth and drift wood and what ever ocean treasures we can find.  Next week I was thinking about tackling dying my kitchen rugs with some indigo blue dye.  I need to buy a bucket.  Maybe I should find some t-shirts to tie dye along with my rugs.  Any who, it's getting late and Reed is hitting me on the head with LEGO people, time for bed!

Momma Lady Beetle

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