Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 9 - St. Patrick's Day

On Thursday night March 13th as the sun was setting in the evening sky, Chase, Reed and I pulled out ALL my beads and bead wire to make crafties!  I was inspired to work on a beaded suncatcher, Chase had no idea what to make and settled on a beaded bookmark while Reed made the biggest mess I've ever seen with using just beads.

I began with a piece of driftwood we brought home a few weekends back from San Francisco and wrapped some thicker wire around it making a few fun swirls.  Then I took some gold bead string and made four long strands: one redish colors, one yellowish colors, one blues, and the last had purples.  I don't have much to say about my suncatcher.  All I did was string beads on a thread and then hang it outside.  Hubby actually gave me a compliment on it, so maybe it is cooler than I thought it would be.  I want to try a more wire-artistic version another time, maybe fill my whole backyard with them!!

Earlier that evening Chase and I were being silly with the iPad Photobooth App and were making silly kissy faces... here is my share (does this count as a craft? It takes talent to look this good!):
That Saturday I took Chase and Reed over to Hobby Lobby to get some St. Patrick's Day craft supplies and also my next week's craft project supplies: more t-shirts.  We are doing another run, the Run or Dye!
I didn't have much time alone to work on the St. Patrick's Day goody bags and hadn't bought the treats yet, so I played around with a t-shirt refashion idea I saw on Pinterest and was hoping to pull off on an upcoming camping trip.  Here is the tutorial:
I happened to have a very similar t-shirt in my hands and proceeded to work my way through the tutorial.  First I cut off the sleeves like so and then cut off the collar and made it a V-neck, just like the tutorial shows.
Then you flip the shirt over to work on the back.  The tutorial shows you dotted lines drawn on the photo of where to cut and you can see the result in my photo below.  Basically it becomes long straps from the front that come all the way down the back to your armpits.  The middle of the back is sliced in half to create the straps for the back.  These will get tied together, but first you need to make a twist or knot in the front.  The tutorial can show you that... mine turned out stupid.  I either needed to play with a bigger shirt or this is just not for me.  The knot wouldn't lie pretty like the picture in the tutorial (maybe another big boob fiasco) and then I hated how the straps ended up getting tied together in the back like two large clumps of knots on your back that would NOT be comfortable if you leaned back against a chair.  This project needs some tweaks before I wear it... I have some ideas...

On Sunday I ran to the grocery store and bought a few items to make my St. Patrick's Day treat boxes for the kids and treats for the St. Patrick's Potluck for work the next day.  First I had fun in the kitchen making Muddy Buddies.  This was my inspiration... Oooooh  Aaaaah!
I followed the basic recipe on the back of the Rice Chex box, but I added a LOT more powdered sugar at the end to really soak up the chocolate-peanut butter goo coated on the cereal.  The only M&M's I could find that were green were the mint ones.  I think it was a good combo, Hubby seemed to really enjoy it!
Then I mixed up the Lucky Charms cereal treats (like Rice Krispie Treats, but using a different cereal).  I made them using the Rice Krispie Treat recipe but substituted Easter color marshmallows instead of regular marshmallows.  Honestly, I think these treats tasted BETTER than the regular Rice Krispie Treats do.  I think my coworkers agreed, they were gone quick!  Here is where I got the idea:
Here is what my treat platter looked like at work... with a few fun photo enhancements I've been playing around with...
After making the goodies, I snuck upstairs while Reed was taking his nap and crafted some treat boxes for the kids goodies.  I didn't take great photos during this process, it was hard to arrange the paper so you would know what I was doing.  I used a full 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper of each goody box.  I origami-folded it a million ways to figure out what I was going to do and then I cut this shape out (I played this picture to death on a new App called Rookie on my iPad).  Here is where the idea came from:

When you fold the sides up there are flaps that don't line up to form a straight box; these I folded in and taped to the adjoining side to hold the box together.  This is where I couldn't take a good picture to show you what the heck I am talking about.  Here is a picture of all the sides folded up and taped, and then I cut a little design on the top rim.
With the leftover pieces I had cut out of the scrapbook page I made little handles the exact size of these rainbow AirHead Xtremes Candy ropes.  I stapled the handles on and laid a candy rainbow on the top of it.

Last I filled them with chocolate coins, a Godiva mint chocolate patty, and some of the treats I made in the kitchen earlier that day and immediately brought them down for my kids to devour!  Blake ate his all gone in like 20 minutes and then walked over to the kitchen trash and threw away my hard work.  Chase finished his candy throughout the evening and left his goody box lying around the house for the next week.  Reed took a day or two to eat all his treats and then used his goody box to put LEGOs in until the handle ripped.  PERFECT!!  :)
Next week, which is already done pretty much, I need to create shirts for me, Chase, Blake, and Reed to walk in the Run or Dye event.  That's all I will have time for because of how busy work has been and because Chase is going to be in a school performance and each night has to be driven back and forth to school for practice and we need to bring him dinner each night in between.  It is going to be a busy week!

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