Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 8 - T-shirt Re-Fashions

So not as bad as last week, but it's now Wednesday and I was trying to post on Monday. Same excuse too: work, work, and more work.  I am lucky I enjoy my job as much as I do, but I sure do love crafting.

Last week my challenge was to re-fashion t-shirts.  Specifically I was going to re-fashion what I referred to as the non-flattering race t-shirt I was going to be wearing to the Donut Dash fun run.  I also needed to design a race t-shirt for my youngest who wouldn't have one.

So here is a picture of the race t-shirt... actually not bad at all, but I was committed to making a change.

First I shortened the shirt by cutting off the bottom hem.

Then I cut off the high irritating neck and made it an off the shoulder look by cutting more off on one shoulder than the other.  This is all I did as far as styling my shirt because I happened to grab a men's medium instead of a larger size that I would have more room to play with.  I did however add some fun to the back with white puffy paint.  Our little friend Jessen's name made it on the back of the t-shirt in the "In Honor of" list.  For more information on how Jessen is doing and ways to help raise money for awareness of neuroblastoma, check out the Facebook Page "Love, Jessen".  We were able to raise a $500 donation for Donut Dash, I was hoping we would have made the shirt, but we didn't... so I added Blake's name on our shirts.  Blake is a survivor of Ewing Sarcoma, we are planning our 1-year-cancer-free party soon.

Next I worked on Reed's shirt.  I bought a plain small red t-shirt at Hobby Lobby and hand drew the Donut Dash logo on Reed's shirt along with "Donut Dash" and "SEIS" to match our shirts a little.

Then I looked at the leftover scraps of fabric and thought... t-shirt scrap wrapped bracelets?  Pinterest here I come!  I searched it, I found it, I did it!  Here is the picture I found with a tutorial on how they made theirs (link to site below pic):
 Do you remember the neck piece I cut off?  Well, I sliced it in to strips, stretched the fabric to roll it and make it longer, tied the pieces together...

...and wrapped them around a few hardly-ever-worn bracelets I've had since I was hip in my 20's.
     So above is a group shot of us, the best I will show of my shirt BECAUSE... WOW, I look terrible in an off-the-shoulder-shirt.  I didn't realize that with an off-the-shoulder-shirt and my size D's it would make me look like an XL.  NOT FLATTERING.  I should have just left the "non-flattering" race t-shirt alone because it would have made me look much better.  I need a shirt that hugs just under my bust because that is the tiniest part of me.  If I had got a bigger shirt and had been able to also work the side seams as well as the neck it might have turned out awesome because I could have taken it in under my pits.
     The other picture is of Reed and I at the halfway point (you know... where you stop for the ooey-gooey delicious donuts) and you can see Reed's shirt as well as my bracelets.  It was a fun day and I had a great time until I got home and looked at the photos.
So "next week" (aka right now) I will be working on St. Patrick's Day fun!  Here are some photos of what I want to accomplish (LOL!)
     The first picture is of some St. Patrick's treat ideas: Chinese food type containers decorated in green with rainbow handles filled with gold candies; Chex-mix treats with green M&Ms; Lucky Charms and marshmallow treats.
     The set of pictures is the bigger craft, I want to make a sun catcher with the hundreds of beads I have in my collection.
     A side craft I am tackling with the kids is making wands.  When we went to the ocean in San Francisco the other weekend we collected drift wood and feathers and shells.  This is what we want to make...


As always I encourage you to participate with me; share with me what cool things you are doing for St. Patrick's Day.  I would love to hear from you and I would also love if you shared a photo of your creation.  You can also leave a comment for me to encourage me on, that's always appreciated.
Take care and I'll chat with you soon!  Love, Lady Beetle

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