Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 5 - Valentine's Day Cards

"I Fall To Pieces...."  Pieces was my theme for Valentine's Day this year.  I made cards (or postcards) for my husband and kids and tried to center my gifts or love-silliness around it as well.  If you read my posts on Facebook I told you about how I played Patsy Cline's song really loud until my husband came downstairs in the morning to see what I was up too.  I took my youngest son to see The Lego Movie and then bought him and my middle son some Legos.  Lots of pieces!

Here are the pictures that were my inspiration for my cards (mostly found on Pinterest... of course):

Then I found my puzzle... errr... ImpossiPuzzle :)
There was this calendar store going out of business at the mall and I snagged this for like 70% off or something.  Yay!

The ImpossiPuzzle is fun little chocolates grouped in heart shapes, perfect for my Valentine's cards.  I really lucked out, it was the last one.
Then I dug through all my old Hallmark cards to re-use them for my craft.

I found ones that had borders, or pink and red colors, etc. to add to my design (make sure you read the top card about Dorothy, it's funny, I almost wanted to keep it... it was also one of the last Valentine's I got from my Mom, but this way I am sharing her love again).

I used some old leftover scrapbook paper to cover the front images I didn't want to see.

Then I glued on my puzzle pieces, added my words (I hate my handwriting) and TA-DA!  I made lovey-dovey cards for my family!
Below are some pictures of previous years cards.  This first one I made for Reed last year (2013), but I made basically the same card for each of the boys and Hubby.

This is the card I made in 2012, again they all received the same basic card:

If I was able to make them better...
I would have practiced my handwriting before writing on the cards.  That is the only thing I don't like about them, but on the other hand, it makes them more personal.

Final thoughts:
Hubby was impressed I made them and said it wasn't fair that I got to get off cheap for Valentine's Day because I'm crafty (He said it in a teasing sneering voice that made me laugh).  Chase loved the card and thought the theme was really cool.  Blake liked his candy.  Reed wanted his puzzle pieces back and shared his candy with Daddy and Mommy.

My Next Project!
To be honest, I am not sure yet.  I want to finish the other pillow I didn't get to finish a few weeks back (the LOVE finger knit pillow) and I was thinking I should work in a "For Charity" craft every few weeks, here are some ideas for that: pillow cases, fleece tie blankets, finger knitted scarves, Beads of Courage Bead Bags (I started this one last year and never finished).  I also want to make some t-shirt yarn so that I can make something out of it.  I have different craft ideas for St. Patrick's Day and Easter and the Donut Dash fun run we are doing in March.  But I'm not sure what to tackle this week.  Hmm... maybe finish the other pillow and do the t-shirt yarn.  Here is my inspiration on the t-shirt yarn:

As always, I would love for you to join my challenge of a craft a week, I won't even hold it to you, but I would love to be inspired by your crafts.  Send me photos or comments too! 

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