Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 4 - Yarn Letters and Fabric Horse

This week I had two projects I wanted to tackle: decorating block letters for my youngest sons bulletin board and making a fabric horse as a joke for my desk at work.  I started with the letters first.  I bought the letters at Michael's in the wooden projects isle.  I got the idea to wrap them in yarn when I was looking through the September (I think) issue of Parents Magazine.  There was an article about 12 Fun Alphabet Activities to do to help your kids learn letters.  Here is the photo:

The yarn was gifted to me by my good friend Dawn.  So I started with the R and wrapped the yarn tightly, making sure none of the wood showed through.  I tried to make sure the lines weren't perfectly across or up and down so that I could get weird on the other letters and it wouldn't be as noticeable.  I tied off the yarn at the end and switched to the next letter, different color yarn.

Wrap, wrap, wrap, fun, fun, fun, hit your neighbor on the thumb; wrap, wrap, wrap, now you're done! 

All I did next was heat up the ol' glue gun and plop out some glue on these bad boys and stick them to the board.  Project complete!
My next project was the horse project.  So the inspiration for this project came from a joke at work about calling myself the Red Horse and then I went to Amazon to search for silly Red Horse items and saw a cute plushy, which then led me to Etsy where I found this one:
So I found some red fabric in my craft closet and sketched out a quick version of this cute horsey, cut him out and stupidly hand stitched him together.  Reed picked out some yellow heart shaped button eyes from our button bag (those had to go immediately) and then he asked me to give the horse a mouth and then we stuffed him and gave him yarn hair...
He is so ugly he is cute?  I can't take this little guy to work.  No.  Nope.
If I had wanted to make it better:
Yarn Letters: I don't think I could have done better, they're awesome!
Fabric Horse: Where do I start! Pick a better fabric (felt or fur even!), the sewing, the stuffing, the hair!  Ok, ok, well I should NOT have hand sewn this little dude together.  Although it is my preference to sit on the couch and do a quick sew job, this would have turned out a lot better had I used my sewing machine to get a cleaner line.  Then, what's with the white yarn hair!  What was I thinking!
Final thoughts:
The yarn letters were super fun, I want to make something else like it!  (This was probably my downfall with the horse).
Both projects were fast and easy.
Chase really liked the letters.  I told him he could do his letters on his bulletin board like that and he said, "No, I wouldn't want you to have more work to do".  I think he missed the part where I said "he" could do it.  Blake said the letters were, "Cool!".  Reed wanted to play with his letters until I glued them on the board and now he's forgotten they exist.  Perfect!  As for the horse... it's hiding so the kids can't give me a critique.
My next project:
Well it is Valentine's week and for the last few years I've made the cards I give my guys (husband and 3 boys) so this year my friend Dawn (Geesh I mention her a lot) gave me the idea "I Love You to Pieces".  Will you join me?  If you do, send me a picture of your homemade Valentine's cards.  This is where I will get my inspiration:
..and for my husband I plan to BLAST "I Fall To Pieces" by Patsy Cline first thing in the morning to wake him up!

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