Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Craft A Week: Week 29 - Dictionary Dream Catcher

I may have found a new passion: Dream Catchers!
Since my last dream catcher I've had this idea of making another, only square like a book and hang paper flowers made from a book page on it.  Last week at work there was an old dictionary on the FREE table and it had several pages loose from the binding.
I immediately knew this was going to be the book I used for my book-paper-flowers because I wouldn't have to destroy a book myself (something I just can't seem to do).  I took it home and started to punch out circles from the paper... that were already out of course.
I got the idea to punch out the circles to make my flowers from this tutorial:

The tutorial makes a larger flower then I made, I guess I was just lazy or didn't remember or had two kids bugging me while I was trying to play.
I used the pencil to roll up the edges on the circles.  I pierced the flowers up through the middle with a needle and floss and sewed on a button in the middle.  Now set them aside and go gather feathers from your backyard chickens.
As for the dream catcher part, I took an old picture frame and wrapped it in black yarn.  I then took some black embroidery floss and made the loops for the web.  I used this image I found online to help me.
But because my frame is square it definitely didn't look like that.
I glued a flower to the spot where I tied the end, and I glued a flower to a weird spot that looked funky.

After the frame was made I added strands of lace and ribbon by stitching them on to the bottom of the frame.
The next step of course was to add the flowers and feathers to the lace and ribbons.
Now hang it up and enjoy the glory of your work.  YAY!
Thanks for checking in with me, take care!

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